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Sports policy

1. General:

Sport is an important part of school life at Laddsworth. We aim to offer every pupil the opportunity to participate in the sports programme, which offers learners a range of sport and activities. Learners are to participate in at least one sport or activity per term. Once pupils have committed to a sport or activity, they are expected to see out that commitment to the end of the term. This means that the pupil will attend each practice session and will play in matches if selected. We encourage positive parental support.

2. Sports Programme:

A sports programme with all the important dates will be issued each term. Days and times are indicated for practices. Booking appointments on these days and times is discouraged. Check the weekly newsletter and website for possible changes.

3. Sports Kit:

Every pupil reflects what our school stands for and for this reason poor dress cannot be permitted. No pupil will practice or play in a match if he/she is incorrectly dressed. Pupils will be informed at the beginning of term as to the correct match kit. P.E kit (House T-shirt and blue shorts) must be worn to practices.

Shoes for tennis, netball and cricket will be predominately white with white laces. Footwear for rugby, soccer and hockey will be predominately black with black laces. Cross country shoes should not be brightly coloured.

In cases where pupils arrive with missing or incorrect kit, the pupil is to remain for the duration of the practice to observe the coaching session.

4. Selection & Participation

Teams are fluid to allow for progression. Teams are chosen by the coaches in consultation with the teacher in charge.

A child will be kept in his/her own age group. If there is a shortage of players to make up a team in one age group, children from a younger age group may be used, in order that all players have a chance to play matches. It is unethical to drop a pupil from a senior age group to a junior age group.

If a pupil does not attend a practice session, and fails to produce a written note, they will be suitably disciplined. This does not apply if the child is ill, or the coach feels that the excuse is valid.

Mini Sport Gr1:

Learners are selected on availability and not on strength. Teams are mixed ability teams, with the emphasis being on fun and participation.

Mini Sport Gr2

Learners are graded into squads, which play together. Emphasis is still on fun and participation.

Grade 1 and 2 learners may be given the opportunity to attend festivals. Rotation of players chosen for these festivals will take place.

Gr 3 – 7

Teams are selected according to their ability. Depending on the number of teams, they will be placed into their respective groups. i.e.: A, B or C. Teams may change at the discretion of the coach/ managers.


In Inter-House competition the emphasis is on participation, enjoyment and ability. Selection of teams must be confirmed by the Sports Co-coordinator and House Mother.

Selection of team captains will take place as follows:

The team coach, in consultation with the Sports Coordinator or TIC of that code will make the decision based on the following:

  • Leadership qualities.
  • Responsibility and reliability.
  • Participation and commitment to that sport.
  • Good sportsmanship.
  • The captain must have been a pupil at Laddsworth for a complete term.
  • The captaincy of senior teams may remain unchanged for the term.
  • The captaincy of junior (U9 & U10) teams may be rotated.

Selection of House Captains will take place as follows:

Grade 6 and 7 pupils will vote for the captains. Staff will consider these votes and have the final say.

The following criteria must be considered:

  • Leadership qualities.
  • Responsibility and reliability.
  • Participation and commitment to that sport.
  • Good sportsmanship.
  • The captain must have been a pupil at Laddsworth for a complete term

5. Sports merits

These are awarded at prize giving. A child will receive a merit if he/she has represented the Ward / District / Province in a particular sport.

6. Absenteeism

In the event of a pupil being absent from a coaching session they may not be eligible for team selection during that week. In the event of a pupil being absent from school on Friday, they will be excluded from the match on Saturday unless under extraordinary circumstances beyond the pupils control that has been clearly communicated to, and sanctioned by, the school. Parents are required to phone the school Sports Department timeously if a pupil is not available for a match so that a replacement can be arranged.

7. Coaching

It is important to recognise that some staff members are not qualified to coach the sports discipline they have been allocated to. Staff members are very committed to coaching and are encouraged to attend coaching clinics and consult with more experienced coaching staff, wherever possible.

The following must be encouraged:

  • Excellence in sport
  • Participation by, and commitment from the pupils
  • Good sportsmanship
  • Enjoyment
  • Discipline
  • Attendance
  • Etiquette/Manners

Parents are forbidden from interfering at practices or matches.

8. Matches:

Once a pupil has been selected to play in a match their name will appear on the Team List on the Sports Office Notice Board. Pupils must acknowledge their selection by initialing next to their name on the team list. No pupil will be allowed to miss a match, except in extreme circumstances. Parents will receive a fixture list at the beginning of each season and are asked to avoid going away or planning functions when their child is involved in sport.

If for a serious reason a child needs to be excused from playing a match, ensure that a letter is sent to the educator in charge no later than one week in advance. If a pupil misses a match without a valid reason, he/she will be disciplined and may not be selected for the next match. Parents are to notify the school, as early as possible, when their child is ill, so that a replacement can be found.

9. Inclement Weather:


In the case of inclement weather it is the learner's responsibility to report to the teacher in charge of the age group. Learners will be kept occupied in the classroom until the end of normal practice time or until the parent or guardian of that child arrives to pick them up. Practice is not cancelled because of bad weather.


In the case of matches against other schools a decision will be taken at the following times:

Grade One and Two sport - midweek: 11h30 and Saturday 06h30
Grade Three to Seven sport - midweek: 13h30 and Saturday 7h00

For Saturday matches, a decision will be made either by close of school on Friday, or by 7h00 on the Saturday morning of the match. Check the school communicator or phone the Sports Department on 072 233 8065 (SP Sport) or 079 559 3258 (JP Sport). Matches will, as far as possible, not be cancelled.

10. Transport:

We endeavour to use the school buses but we have limited school transport and are reliant on parent transport and assistance.

11. Discipline:

Discipline is important. Ensure that your child is always neatly and correctly dressed, and is punctual for practices and matches.

Appropriate behavior must be displayed on and off the field, and all children are to be good ambassadors for Laddsworth.

Poor sportsmanship and bad behaviour at practices and matches will not be tolerated from pupils, parents, coaches or spectators.

12. Communication protocol:

If parents have any concerns regarding sport, the reporting structure below must be followed:

  1. Approach the teacher in charge of the age group concerned
  2. Sports Co-ordinator
  3. JP/SP Heads of Departments
  4. Deputy Principal
  5. Principal