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Homework policy

The following principles will be observed at Laddsworth School

  1. Homework will be a form of consolidation and revision.
  2. Nothing new will be expected of the pupils as a homework exercise.
  3. Homework will not form part of punishment, or writing out of lines. This will be done during detention time.
  4. Excessive amounts of homework will not be given. The times stipulated in brackets will serve as a guide.
  5. All research tasks will be undertaken in our media centre under staff supervision. Learners may be required to do illustrations, search for pictures, etc at home.
  6. Learners will be given plenty of time to research projects i.e. "due date" will be communicated to parents and learners alike, thus avoiding last minute rush to hand in work.
  7. Homework books must be signed by parent/guardian.
  8. Homework will only be given from Monday to Thursday.
  9. Every second Wednesday night, no set homework will be given, thus allowing a "family evening" - time for the family to do something together. From time to time pupils will be given time to report back on how this family time is spent.
  10. Parents are requested to encourage as much reading of library books and other good literature as is possible.
  • Grade 1:
    • Reading approx. 6 - 8 pages (10 - 15 mins)
    • Supplementary reading is to be encouraged.
  • Grade 2:
    • Reading 6 - 8 pages
    • 6 spelling words (20 mins)
    • Supplementary reading is to encouraged
  • Grade 3:
    • Reading.
    • Spelling.
    • Tables / maths worksheet (30 mins)
  • Grade 4:
    • Reading.
    • Spelling.
    • Tables.
    • Maths work sheets. (30 mins)
    • Half an hour of extra reading is encouraged.
  • Grade 5:
    • Spelling (Eng and Afrik)
    • Reading
    • Maths worksheet. (30 mins)
  • Grade 6 & 7:
    • Maths
    • Spelling (English and Afrikaans)
    • Consolidation of classwork in all subjects/
    • or completion of research started at school. (45 mins)

The times indicated will obviously vary from child to child. Some work quicker than others, so these times should only serve as a guide to parents.