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Mr Gavin Lambooy

Laddsworth Primary School was founded in 1903 by Miss Daisy Ladds and for over a century it has provided top-level, value-driven education to its community. Our School is set on a beautiful campus in the heart of Hilton, catering for boys and girls from Grade One to Seven. Our rich history underpins our proud traditions and strong values, while we keep abreast of the times, growing with and adapting to the requirements of a first-class education. Laddsworth provides our pupils with a robust foundation for future learning through our small classes, extended curriculum and extra-murals, and highly committed and qualified teachers who are supported by an actively involved School Governing Body.
Welcome to our website - a window on our gem of a school.

Headmaster with Grade Ones

Laddsworth is a primary school of choice

Value-driven, Quality Education

We are able to provide superior quality education and facilities which rival private junior schools.

Caring & Nurturing Environment

Small classes taught by experienced and committed educators ensure a caring and nurturing learning environment with good teacher-pupil ratios.

Healthy Learning Environment

Our pupils study and play in healthy country surroundings on a beautiful campus in the heart of the Hilton Village.

Sound Traditions

We have a rich history founded in 1903 and we actively promote our core values of Loyalty, Honesty, Self-Discipline, Sincerity, Courage, and Respect.

Excellent Academic Reputation

Laddsworth achieves excellent academic results every year and our Grade 7 learners are accepted into their High Schools of choice. We promote the attainment of each child's full potential and have a dedicated Learner Support Department.

Aim High

Our pupils enjoy a wide variety of sporting and cultural activities in which all children participate, and many achieve Midlands, KwaZulu-Natal and South African representation in their various sporting and cultural disciplines.

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