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Speech & Drama

Speech and Drama lessons are provided, once a week, as an integral part of the curriculum. The lessons follow The Helen O’Grady Drama Academy’s developmental and balanced theatre of arts programme, which also covers the CAPS curriculum.
The drama lessons are fun, creative, and highly stimulating, focusing on developing and equipping the children with confidence, verbal communication skills, which are important life skills. The curriculum covers many aspects, which includes: speech work to build good speech habits, public speaking, creative movement and mime. Improvised drama incorporating mini-scripts, snippets, scene starters, and whole-class improvisations.
Once a year, each class is given the opportunity to put together and perform a class assembly for the school. This is a wonderful opportunity for the children to enjoy whole-class participation, and for those who particularly enjoy the performing arts, to be given a chance to showcase their talents.
Every alternate year the Junior Primary children (Grades 1 and 2) present a very special nativity play. A highlight of the year for our grade 7 pupils is the annual production of a play. Every grade 7 pupil is involved in the play, whether it be on stage or backstage, so each pupil is given their moment to shine!