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School rules

  1. Attitude, Manners and Respect for others
    • Good manners and respect for others are expected at all times.
    • Do not use foul or abusive language.
    • Bullying, of any sort, will not be tolerated.
  2. School Uniform and Appearance
    • Learners must go home in full school uniform. After sport, learners are to be in full sport kit, which includes shoes and socks. Learners may not go home wearing costumes.
    • No jewellery may be worn (except for medical identification bracelets). Only girls may wear plain studs or sleepers (one pair only) in their ears.
    • Hair accessories are to be navy blue or dark royal blue.
    • No bleached, highlighted, permed or coloured hair is allowed.
    • Boys' hair: Number 1 – 3 haircuts are not allowed. No wedges, steps, long fringes or top-notch hairstyles allowed. Permission must be obtained from the principal to have shaved heads.
  3. Punctuality
    • Punctuality is expected at all times. No learner may leave the school premises between 07h45 and 14h05 without the Principal's permission. Learners who arrive late are to report at the office before going to their classrooms.
  4. Respect of Property
    • All learners are to show respect for the property of others.
    • Valuables are not to be brought to school. Large sums of money must be handed to the class teacher for safekeeping.
    • The school grounds are to be kept litter free.
    • Climbing of trees, fences and gates is not allowed.
    • Sliding down grassed banks and railings of stairs is not allowed.
    • No cell phones allowed at school. Cellphones found at school will be confiscated for the remainder of term.
  5. Safety
    • No ball games in the vicinity of school buildings.
    • Throwing of stones, use of catapults or pea-shooters or any item likely to cause injury to others is not allowed.
    • No running along corridors or playing in the toilets.
    • Learners are to wait in the school grounds for their lifts in the afternoons.
    • No learner is allowed in the classroom during breaks or after school unless a teacher is present.
    • No bicycles or skateboards may be ridden in the school grounds.
    • No learners are allowed to play in the parking areas or around the staff car parks. No children may be in the school grounds at weekends.