Laddsworth Cubs receive Leaping Wolf Badge

Laddsworth pupils Eben van Eeden (Grade 5) and Tayla Street (Grade 4) were awarded their Leaping Wolf Badges in October 2020. Eben and Tayla are members of the 1st Hilton Scout and Cub Group. The Leaping Wolf is the highest badge a Cub can achieve.

As part of Tayla’s Leaping Wolf project, focused on the need for early childhood development for school readiness in children. Prior to lockdown, Tayla spent Saturday mornings with the young children at the Salvation Army Children’s home and used her own occupational therapy exercises to design a programme that would be fun for pre-schoolers. She also encouraged her Cubs group at First Hilton to donate baby formula, nappies, cream, soap etc to the Salvation Army.

Eben focused on Quality Education and promoting lifelong learning opportunities for all and donated books and bottle tops to Singakwenza. For his Personal Challenge he sailed a Halcat by himself, with dad as crew member.


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