Laddsworth High School’s Expo

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Laddsworth's annual High Schools' Expo was well attended by visiting parents and Grade 6 and 7 learners from various schools in the area. All enjoyed the opportunity to ask questions and meet staff and pupils from 26 High Schools exhibiting.
Numerous Laddsworth old boys and girls were amongst the ambassadors who came along to assist in fielding questions at the Expo.
Feedback from participating schools was enthusiastic.
'What an amazing turnout at the Laddsworth High School Expo! It was a great afternoon and much interest was shown in our school.' said Jenni Underwood from Capulum College.
'A superbly organised expo that provided us with a wonderful opportunity to interact with pupils and families from the wider Midlands community and beyond. It really met our needs in terms of exposure and proved a worthwhile marketing activity.' Said Jenny Crookes, Head of Marketing at Epworth.