Laddsworth pupils participate in Kids Lit quiz

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Laddsworth Primary School in Hilton entered two teams in the recent Kids Lit competition held at Athlone Primary School. The Grade 7 team came third out of 21 teams and won R200. Every participant also won a R50 book voucher.
 Twenty-one schools participated in the popular children's literature quiz.

Sharon Houghting, Laddsworth Librarian and Kids Lit team organiser said: "The Kids Lit Quiz gives children who love reading the opportunity to share their knowledge on books and stories. This quiz gives the 'bookworms' a chance to succeed. It also encourages them to read a variety of genres and to try books that they would otherwise not have read. "

Pictured here is Laddsworth's first team with the founder of Kids Lit, Wayne Mills, who came all the way from New Zealand to run the competition. The Laddsworth literature whizzes are Niketan, Danielle, Kirsten and Liam.

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