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We are fortunate at Laddsworth to have an outstanding Drama Director, Mrs Smythe. The annual Grade 7 play is a musical, and we have done a variety of plays both classical and modern. Example of some of the musicals we have done in the last few years are: Romeo and Juliet; High School Musical; Pandemonium (Greek Play); Tramp Alley; Thank You For The Music (tour through musicals from the last 100 years), Gilbert & Sullivan ~ Pinafore Pirates; Roca Soccer and Kids' Summer Nights Dream (based on Midsummer Night's Dream).

Laddsworth Idols & Laddsworth's got Talent Competitions

At Laddsworth we alternate Laddsworth Idols and Laddsworth's Got Talent each year. This is a very popular event at Laddsworth and we start auditions at the end of the third term. After going through three auditions, the finalists perform in the grand concert held the day before final break-up day each year. The quality of the performances is extremely high, as the children who do become finalists are coached in the final weeks of the term by Ruth Lindsay our choreographer and also receive vocal training. A panel of judges determine the winners in the different categories, and sponsored prizes are awarded. All finalists are awarded a slab of chocolate for reaching the finals.

Music Workshops

Laddsworth has also organized and hosted a music workshop, attracting about 80 music educators and professionals from schools in greater Durban and Pietermaritzburg and Midlands area. Mrs Zenda Nel of the Pretoria University gave the workshop, which was a huge success. Future workshops have been requested by the attendees, and the next one, it is hoped will be given by a lecturer from the Rhodes University Music Department, on African Music.

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