Aftercare guidelines

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There are a number of points relating to the smooth running of Aftercare that we would like to remind parents about.

Aftercare represents your child's home in the afternoons. There are many children who spend the afternoon at Aftercare and, in order for it to operate efficiently, rules need to be adhered to. It is vitally important that the children remember that Mrs Labuschagne, Mrs Yeoman and Mrs Makhonza represent you, the parent. We therefore expect all children to be respectful towards the aftercare ladies and to speak to them politely. Should the Aftercare rules be broken, there will be repercussions for the child/children involved. I am sure that this is how you would discipline your child at home. All school rules apply at Aftercare.

Many of the children spend part of the afternoon doing aspects of their homework. Homework is not the responsibility of the Aftercare ladies and they will NOT sign the notebook. Mrs Labuschagne and Mrs Makhonza will initial aspects of the work that have been completed but it is your responsibility to ensure that homework has been done and to sign the book. It is also the responsibility of the children to ensure that they have the necessary books with them. Classrooms are locked and the children are not allowed to return to the classrooms.

It is advisable for all children to bring a change of clothing with them. This allows them more freedom in the afternoons and there is not the worry of getting school clothes dirty. It also means that there are no problems with children being in the village in school uniform with no shoes on. All children are required to have a hat at Aftercare (NOT a school hat).

Aftercare closes at 17h15 in the afternoon. There are a number of parents who fetch children much later than that. I am concerned for the safety of the ladies when they lock up. If you know that you are going to be late, please phone Mrs Yeoman, Mrs Labuschagne or Mrs Bennett and tell them that you will be late and try to give an indication of how late you might be. They can then make other arrangements for their own families. Should you arrive to fetch your child late you will be charged R100.00 penalty per day.

We try to make Aftercare "Home away from Home". This can only happen with your assistance and co-operation. Please talk to Mrs Yeoman, Mrs Labuschagne and Mrs Makhonza  should you have any problems. If you are still concerned, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Please sign the indemnity form and return it to Mrs Yeoman, Mrs Labuschagne or Mrs Makhonza at your earliest convenience.

Incoming phone calls can be received directly at Aftercare on 033 3633 256 / 260 Ext 7 from 12h35 only. Alternatively the Aftercare ladies can be contacted on the following cell numbers:

  • Mrs Yeoman: 084 517 4011
  • Mrs Labuschagne: 073 581 3505
  • Mrs Makhonza