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Laddsworth Primary School is a 117-year-old Primary School, who offers value-driven, quality education to its community. It is set in the heart of Hilton, catering for boys and girls from Grade One to Seven. The pupils study and play in a bright, vibrant and happy environment in tranquil and healthy country surroundings. Laddsworth actively promotes the following Values: Loyalty, Honesty, Self-Discipline, Sincerity Courage and Respect.

Laddsworth Primary School is growing to serve the education needs of Hilton and surrounds. We have committed to increase from three classes per grade to four over the next 5 years, the extra Grade One class started in 2019 and an additional Grade Two class this year. This will afford an opportunity for more children to have access to the value-driven, quality education our fantastic school has to offer. The foundation of formal education begins at Laddsworth and gives children an excellent grounding for High School and life beyond. The buildings, facilities and grounds are continuously being upgraded to ensure that they are able to keep pace with the growing demands of a first-class education.

Laddsworth follows the CAPS syllabus but in addition, we offer, specialist subjects, including Media Studies, Music, Drama, Physical Education and Computer Studies. The school achieves very good academic results every year, and the Laddsworth pupils are well prepared to be accepted at their first choice of local High Schools. Several pupils are awarded scholarships to some of the province’s most sought-after public and independent high schools each year.

Pupils at Laddsworth enjoy a wide variety of sporting and cultural activities in which all children participate. Many of the pupils achieve Midlands, KwaZulu-Natal and South African representation in their various sporting and cultural disciplines.

Laddsworth enthusiastically celebrates the wonderful achievements that our pupils earn both on and off the sports fields, always encouraging them to strive to honour the school motto: “Aim High”.